If you’re reading this, chances are you have one of three problems: 

  • You need a new career – one that fits your ideals and values – but you’re not sure what it is. 
  • You need to earn more. You have a job you love – but you are ready to earn a decent salary and have a little money left over at the end of every month. 
  • You need to change jobs, not careers. You like WHAT you do – you just don’t like WHERE you do it  – better hours, or a saner commute, or a different set of co-workers, or (most commonly) a boss that you enjoy working with. 

Sometimes, these problems seem to fix themselves, and the solution just falls into your lap. 

But sometimes, these problems just don't seem to have a solution. And if you're career-stuck long enough, it can just suck the joy right out of your life. 

But take heart - there is a way out. 

I have accumulated over 20 years' worth of tips, tools and techniques to get you unstuck. I am the career-savvy and available adviser you need, that you wish you had. 

Here’s why I’m confident I can help you: 

1. You'll be putting my 20 years' of experience to work for you. 

I’ve been coaching individuals and groups, formally, since 1996. I’ve delivered about a thousand hours of training and personal growth workshops for youth and adults. As part of that experience, I also spent about eight years training others to coach and facilitate. This means I can offer you suggestions based on a finely-tuned sense of what’s worked for other clients in the past. 

As a career coach, I bring about 8 years of experience as a manager and supervisor to our sessions. I’ve hired, supervised and fired; I’ve also helped about two dozen long-term staff design professional development plans. This means that in your coaching sessions you’ll get suggestions for resumes, interviewing and other essentials of career development based on real-life experience. 

I also have eight years’ experience as an occasional adjunct professor at Eckerd College, where I helped adult learners who were returning to college to change careers. I know the pros and cons of returning to college as an adult, so I can advise you on that strategy based on your unique situation.

Michelle brings a balanced approach to coaching. She is compassionate and sympathetic, yet also very rational and logical in her questions and comments. I found this mix to be a great combination and helped me to see my situation clearly.
— Laurel, Engagement Director, Jackson Mississippi

2. You'll get a blend of coaching and consulting. 

Sometimes you need space to talk through your situation, to reach your own conclusions about what decision feels right. Sometimes, you need someone to ask you the perfect question — the question that shines a light in the darkness and helps you see your situation more clearly. This is coaching. 

Other times, you need gentle, but accurate, feedback on your resume or interviewing style, or insider information about how to upgrade your job search. For these occasions, you are eager for “the missing piece” – information you can apply. This is consulting. 

My approach to career development is to blend the best of coaching and consulting. This allows you to develop the career that’s right for you, with more confidence, fewer missteps, and in the shortest time possible. 

I tried many times with other coaches and mentors to get on track towards a meaningful career with limited success. Michelle asked well-crafted questions that quickly helped me identify where I wanted and needed to go. After meeting with Michelle, I can see the possibilities and the steps to get there. I am very optimistic and excited about my future!
— Kate, Educator, Santa Barbara California

3. It's my mission to help you do it better. 

When I turned 40, I had enough “lessons learned the hard way” to be able to look back over my career and see where I had made blind choices, picked the low-hanging fruit instead of developing my own vision, or simply stayed in a job too long. Now, my mission in life is to help you make smart choices NOW:

  • Know where you’re headed, and why
  • Have the courage to go after your big, thrilling, sometimes scary dreams
  • Design the shortest path between the present and your ideal future

Like you, I want to do work that I love while making a positive difference in the world. In your free Career Needs Assessment, we’ll discuss your unique career needs and I’ll give you a specific plan for how I can help you. 

Your new life awaits! Click here to arrange your no-cost consultation.