Below is an overview of my services. Be sure to set up your no-cost initial consultation to discuss the program that's right for you

The Flint Career Map
The easiest way to pick the right career

  • Benefits: Get fresh insight on your passions, life's mission, the kind of work environment you need, and the personal requirements (like salary and work hours, but more) that you need in your next awesome job. Then, uncover wonderful new career options - and chose the one that's right for you.
  • # Modules: 6
  • Bonus Module: Choosing Wisely

Job Search 2.0 
Upgrade your entire job search and get hired faster

  • Benefits:  Show your future employer why you are the person they can't live without. Includes as-needed upgrades to your resume, cover letter, networking strategies, personal branding, interviewing skills, and more. 
  • # Modules: 4

A La Carte Services: Resume, Cover Letters, Interview Prep, etc. 
The expertise you need, when you need it

  • Benefits:  Get expert consulting with specific parts of your job search. (Not sure which pieces you need? Just schedule a 30-minute NO-COST consutation and I can help you figure that out.) 
  • # Modules: As needed

The Mentor Course
Find your perfect mentor, in 5 easy steps

  • Benefits: A clear, 5-step process to find a great mentor (or mentors) , no matter what industry you're in. 
  • # Modules: 5 

Customized Long-Term Career Solutions
Keep your compass pointed in the right direction with customized career planning & professional development

  • Benefits: Regular or occasional sessions to clarify your big, audacious career goals - and go after them
  • Highly customized for each client; contact me for an initial assessment and a discussion of how I may help you
The biggest benefit I am seeing right now from meeting with you is the ability to dream a bit outside my scope of experience. I’m getting those feelings of “dreams might come true”, which is making me realize that my dreams weren’t as lofty/unattainable as I thought.
— Chanelle, M.A., Licensed Counselor and soon-to-be business owner