Are you career stuck? 

It's really hard. (I know - I've been there.) It's draining. It's depressing. It's downright demoralizing. You feel like you're slogging through hip-deep water, and your whole life seems harder. 

But there is hope. Here's a little secret: 

In my experience, one of the main reasons people get stuck
is because they have not yet discovered - or uncovered - the right job or career. 

It's out there - but they don't even know it exists - yet. 

That's what Joy On Mondays is for. 

The Secret Sauce

Joy On Mondays is something special. It is a process for you to uncover wonderful new career options, just for you

Many of these career options will be completely new to you. 

You'll discover a career or job that you never knew existed, and the light bulb will go on. (That little one, over your head.) You'll say to yourself, "Wow, that's a thing? I could do that!" 

(And - I have to tell  you - watching that happen for clients is absolutely one of the best things about my work. I get so excited for your happiness - that moment when you suddenly have hope.) 

And do you know what? You will discover more than just one great new career option. You'll discover several. That's why Joy On Mondays works. You uncover a whole list of great new options. And then, from there, you "vet" them until a clear winner emerges. 

How It Works

Joy On Mondays is a four-step process to uncover lots of great options, then pick the cream of the crop. Each process includes a short guidebook of mini-projects to focus your process. Here's what's included in each:

Phase One: Growing Your List

Gather ideas for your new job or career to grow your list of possibilities. Learn the four essential places to look, and how to get fresh ideas from both friends and industry experts.

Most career-changers stop looking as soon as they come across one new job that might fit - often leaving better options undiscovered. Generate a list of 6-20 possibilities with Joy on Mondays, and feel confident that you will find what's out there for you. 

Phase Two: The First Cull

Most career changers only filter their options by one main concern - for example, salary, commute distance, or industry. Using results from The Wisdom Course as your filters, narrow your list down to your 3-5 best possibilities that really fit all of your needs. Learn how to prioritize your filters, and turn a good idea into a great one. 

Phase Three: Vetting The Short List

Learn tricks for discovering which jobs on your short list are great on paper - and which ones are actually great. Most career-changers never bother with this phase before choosing a new career or job.

By taking the time to vet your short list, you'll avoid such pitfalls as: costly training and degree programs that you really don't need, jobs that are more stressful or boring than they appear, jobs with limited potential for advancement, or jobs that don't pay as much as training programs suggest. 

Phase Four: Choosing Wisely

By now, you'll have one - but usually two or three - top choices. 

How do you decide? 

Most people have a default pattern for making major life decisions. It may be helpful, or it may hold you back. Common patterns include:

  • Playing It Safe
  • Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit
  • Whatever Will Please My Parents
  • Whatever Will Distinguish Me From My Parents
  • Double Helping Of Risk, Please
  • Choose The Hardest Path So I Can Prove Myself
  • See, I Told You It Wouldn't Work
  • Listen To My Gut/What "Feels Right" 
  • Not Now; I Haven't Collected Enough Data
  • I'll Decide When My Life Is Calmer/When I Take Care Of X
  • Begin With The End In Mind (What will achieve my long-term life vision?) 

In Phase Four, you'll identify your most common decision-making methods - the ones that move you forward in life, and the ones that hold you back (often without even realizing it). 

Then, you'll wisely use your best decision-making method to more intentionally chose the best career for you, from your top 1-3 options.  

And voila! You are ready to move forward with your new career - and your new life. 

Guidebook + Live Coaching Session = Results

After you do the mini-projects in each phase, we'll schedule a live coaching session by phone or Skype. We'll discuss your results, make sense of them, and think about what's next. Usually I"ll give you tips for the next phase, based on your results thus far. 

You can finish Joy On Mondays in as few as four sessions. If you need extra coaching sessions in the middle of any phase, we'll just add them in, as needed. The guidebooks are provided - pay for only the number of coaching sessions you need. 

Suggested Prerequisite: The Wisdom Course

Joy On Mondays works best if you already know what's in you Four Career Domains - the values, social roles, mission, tasks, and "personal requirements" you need to be happy in any job or career. 

That's because, in Phase Two and Phase Three, you'll use the Four Career Domains as your main "filters," to sort out the jobs that you uncover in Phase One. 

As I explain on the Wisdom Course page, most people have one or more career needs that they're unaware of. Unless you know what's in all of your Career Domains, you may run into one of two problems: (a) you will not be able to choose between the careers on your short list, or (b) you may choose a new career, only to discover you are as unhappy as you are now. 

That's why I strongly recommend The Wisdom Course as a prerequisite to Joy On Mondays. 

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Hmm…How Do I Know If This Is Really Right For Me?

I understand your concern – your time is very precious, will this be worth it?

The answer is, yes – or your money back. This course is unconditionally backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just let me know within 60 days of receiving your first module and I’ll refund every penny.

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How To Get Started Today

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