Michelle is an experienced, knowledgeable, caring career counselor.

She helped me put together a laser-focused resume and cover letter for a job I have great qualifications for.

More, she helped me see that I *do* have great qualifications for the job, which improved my mood and my attitude towards job searching--very important.

Michelle held a tight focus on making sure my cover letter and other job-search materials matched up with what my potential employer was looking for. Her showing me that--and my seeing how important that is--is important, transferable job-searching knowledge.

Michelle gave me insightful and incisive feedback based on her knowledge of academic and industry hiring practice...Michelle's combination of knowledge, skills and experience is perfect for liberal-arts college graduates, especially honors/alternative-college people, and academic job-seekers in general...

In short, I recommend Michelle without reservation.

—Mitch, Reference Librarian, Miami FL

It’s been two years since we worked together but I’m still benefiting...I’m still inspired by the visioning session we had to stretch myself, teaching and offering workshops even though the idea of it used to make me nervous. I’m still checking off projects from the list we made together, working toward my 10-year goal of a retreat center. Those sessions helped get me unstuck, un-paralyzed, and I’m still moving forward. Thank you so much.

—Paola, Yoga Instructor, St. Petersburg FL

I tried many times with other coaches and mentors to get on track towards a meaningful career with limited success. Michelle asked well-crafted questions that quickly helped me identify where I wanted and needed to go. After meeting with Michelle, I can see the possibilities and the steps to get there. I am very optimistic and excited about my future!

–Kate, Educator, Santa Barbara CA

To my surprise, being coached and clearly laying out my goals revealed to me a level of discomfort and dissatisfaction in my job that I was not fully aware of. After only four coaching sessions I was clear enough on my career dreams to go after and get hired at another great nonprofit in my area.                  

— Laurel, Engagement Director, Jackson MS

What a relief! In just four sessions I realized I actually am in the perfect career for me – I was just experiencing some burnout because my personal requirements weren’t being met. Prompted by the projects in the Flint Career Map, I developed a plan to take care of my own financial, personal and family needs better.                                                                           

— Nicole, Teacher, Hartford CT

I liked the methods Michelle used…it made a big project seem totally manageable.

- Erica, Scientist, St. Petersburg FL

The Flint Career Map…has been invaluable. The exercises in Module 2 were especially good at creating small epiphanies about who I am. One simple technique helped me more consciously align my personality, my current interests, and what I have already expressed as future plans. Even though I can kind of blow in the wind when it comes to my interests (because I love learning new things), I now have a focus and a mission that fits. Pretty wonderful.

– MB, Educator, St. Petersburg FL

My sessions and assignments are focused and structured with room for flexibility: Michelle is good at tailoring sessions and assignments to fit my learning style and my personality.

– Kate, Educator, Santa Barbara CA

Michelle brings a balanced approach to coaching. She is compassionate and sympathetic, yet also very rational and logical in her questions and comments. I found this mix to be a great combination and helped me to see my situation clearly. 

— Laurel, Engagement Director, Jackson MS

The biggest benefit I am seeing right now from meeting with you is the ability to dream a bit outside my scope of experience. I’m getting those feelings of “dreams might come true," which is making me realize that my dreams weren’t as lofty/unattainable as I thought.

— Chanelle, M.A., Licensed Counselor and soon-to-be business owner