• Are you are strongly motivated to make a change at this time in your life?
  • Are you are looking for a "partner in problem-solving" -- rather than a "fixer" to do it all for you?
  • Do you believe that true success comes from steady effort over time, rather than one-time, "magic" solutions? 

If this describes you, I know I can make a huge difference
in helping you to create the life you want to live.

What happens in the 30-minute NO-COST initial consultation? 

  1. We discuss your specific situation
  2. I answer your questions about how coaching works
  3. We decide - together - if I can help you at this time
  4. If so, we choose another session date, and we go from there

Will this be a hard-sell pitch? Will I be pressured to sign on? 

On the contrary. I am looking for clients who are ready and motivated to work together. That's why I require no contracts, and sessions are pay-as-you-go - it's all about YOU. 

What if I just want to get started right away with a resume review, etc.? 

No problem. In that case, just chose that option below, and your first session will be at the regular rate. 

How do I sign up for my consultation? 

Please fill out the information below:  

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Please note: I am currently only accepting new clients on weekends.

Thank you! I will contact you by email to arrange a date and time.