The Flint Career Map…has been invaluable. The exercises in Module 2 were especially good at creating small epiphanies about who I am. Before meeting Michelle, I jumped from goal to goal. I now have a focus and a mission that fits. Pretty wonderful.
— L.B., Educator, Tampa Florida

Are You Career-Stuck? 

Test yourself - can you say "yes" to one or more of the following? 

  • You need a new career – one that fits your ideals and values – but you’re not sure what it is. 
  • You need to earn more. You have a job you love – but you're just scraping by, or falling farther and farther behind every month. 
  • You need to change jobs, not careers. You like WHAT you do – you just don’t like WHERE you do it. You need better HOURS, or a saner COMMUTE, or more pleasant co-workers, or (most commonly) a BETTER BOSS.  
  • No job makes you happy. You've changed jobs several times, but each time you find yourself unhappy. When will you find "The One?"

Each Of These Problems
Has The Same Two Root Causes

Here's a little secret: 

If you are career-stuck for any of the above reasons, you (in all likelihood) have TWO problems that need solving: 

Root Cause #1: You need to better understand your needs. 

Most people understand part of what they need: they know their salary requirements, or they know what industries or causes excite them. 

But, if you're career-stuck, chances are there are several needs you have, that you're not fully aware of.

Discovering those pieces is the essential first step to designing your new career, or finding a better-fitting job. 

Root Cause #2: You're unaware of the better options that are out there. 

Most people pick their first career "off the rack" - from a few choices that they hear about early in life: doctor, lawyer, electrician, teacher, engineer, restaurant owner. You pick the one that seems to fit best - without really knowing how to customize a career to who you are

Until one day, you realize that "off-the-rack" choice is making you miserable.

Fortunately, there are so many other options out there. You just need to know where to look to find them.

If you're career-stuck, chances are the right career IS out there. You just need to discover it. 

That's Why I've Designed The Flint Career Map - 
The Best Way To Choose A New Career

The Flint Career Map makes it easy to get unstuck. 

It's a simple, step-by-step process to help you uncover wonderful new career options you didn't know you had - and then select the best one, based on who you really are and what you need. 

Steps 1 though 4 guide you to understand your needs, values and passions more clearly. 

Steps 5 and 6 show you how to uncover wonderful new options you didn't know you had - and how to choose from among them.

The Flint Career Map
Is NOT Just for Anyone

After months of research, I designed the Flint Career Map to deliver powerful and specific results. 

But I'll tell you right away, it's not for everyone.

People who are looking for a quick fix - for a 30-minute aptitude test that will simply tell them what to do with their lives - will not find what they're looking for here. 

 I've designed The Flint Career Map especially for people who:

(1) Care about their work – people who want to use their talents and passions to make a positive difference in the world – while also earning what their talents are worth, and working in the right work environment.

(2) Want their work to reflect their values - people who realize that a 30-minute "career assessment test" based solely on skill sets can never uncover their true calling in the world. 

(3) Want to do their own choosing - Really, no career test or program can just tell you what your life should look like. Ultimately, you have to chose your own life. But, the right career program can guide you through the process, giving you insight and options, and a method to sort it all out. The Flint Career Map does that - or your money back. 

If you want to make a thoughtful and smart career decision, one that meets ALL your needs, then The Flint Career Map is the perfect solution for you. 

What a relief! In just four sessions I realized I actually am in the perfect career for me – I was just experiencing some burnout because my personal requirements weren’t being met. Prompted by the projects in The Flint Career Map, I developed a plan to take care of my own financial, personal and family needs better.
— Nicole, M.A., Educator, Hartford Connecticut

What’s In The Flint Career Map?

Every person has four Career Domains. Each domain must be reasonably satisfied, for you to be happy at work: 

                                                                        The four career domains. The overlap is your ideal career. 

                                                                        The four career domains. The overlap is your ideal career. 

The Flint Career Map will help you understand what's in your Four Career Domains. From there, you'll follow my step-by-step plan to uncover wonderful new career options - then choose the one that fits all four domains. 

Here's an overview of what you'll get in each module of The Flint Career Map: 

(1) Best Self: My Core Values and Preferred Work Roles

  • Identify the 5 core values you need to share with your colleagues
  • Identify your Best Self – the roles you play at work, when you’re at your best
  • Pinpoint the 3 workplace conditions that bring out your best self – and which conditions absolutely smother it

(2) Why Work? Identifying My Passion, Mission and Purpose

  • Identify (or rediscover) your core passions – and which ones fit your natural talents
  • Why work? Define what meaningful, worthwhile work looks like for you
  • Zero in on your personal mission – the people, places, creatures, or ideals you need to champion in your life’s work

(3) Natural Talents and Best Transferable Skills

  • Identify the 3 natural talents that you need to include in any job you do. (Chances are they’re so natural to you, you’re barely aware you have them – until now.) 
  • Identify your 5 most important transferable skills – the most in-demand workplace skills that make you stand out from a crowd – and, the ones you prefer to do in your ideal job.

(4) Personal Requirements: When To Say "Yes"

Your work should support and nurture your life - not drain it. 

In this module, identify the specific "personal requirements" you need in a job that helps you THRIVE in your overall life, including: 

  1. What salary do you really need - and why? 
  2. What level of responsibility do you prefer? 
  3. What kind of work schedule will fit best into your life? 
  4. What kind of work space or working conditions do you need - and which ones should you avoid at all costs?
  5. What kinds of co-workers do you need, to "fit in" - and do your best work? 
  6. What size and structure of organization will allow you to thrive? 
  7. …And more

(5) Grow Your List

Most career-seekers stop looking as soon as they come across one new job that might fit - often leaving better options undiscovered. Generate a list of 6-20 possibilities with The Flint Career Map, and feel confident that you will find what's out there for you. 

  • Gather ideas for your new job or career to grow your list of possibilities
  • Learn the four essential places to look, and how to get fresh ideas from both friends and industry experts

(6) Sort and Filter Your List - Then Pick The Winning Option

Using modules 1-4 from The Flint Career Map as your filters, narrow your list down to your 1-3 best possibilities that really fit all of your needs.

  • Learn how to prioritize your "filters" from modules 1-4
  • Learn tricks for discovering which jobs on your list are great on paper - but not so great in real life
  • Avoid such pitfalls as: costly training and degree programs that you really don't need, jobs with limited potential for advancement, or jobs that don't pay as much as training programs suggest

Bonus Module: Choosing Wisely

By now, you may have a clear winner - and an exciting new career ahead of you. 

But what if you have two or three top choices, and can't decide? Or, what if you've made bad decisions in the past, and you're afraid of making another one? 

That's where Choosing Wisely comes in. It works by helping you become aware of the 10 most common "decision-making pitfalls" so you can avoid them...and make a better choice that will create the life you really want. 

Best of all, it's a method that you can take with you and use for the rest of your life, any time you have a major decision to make. 

It comes FREE as an (optional) bonus module at the completion of The Flint Career Map. 

Why Choose The Flint Career Map?

Hey, there are quite a number of career consultants out there, and all of them will promise you a way to discover your next great career. Why choose The Flint Career Map?

AFFORDABLE: Many one-shot "career aptitude tests" out there will costs you $500 or more, and many career counseling programs out there will cost you $1500-4000. I have developed a streamlined (but highly effective) program to make The Flint Career Map affordable.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND: Results based on who you really are and what you really like – not jargon like “associative memory” or “non-spatial orientation” from a computerized aptitude test.

SPECIFIC RESULTS: The Flint Career Map will lead you to specific career options - as specific as you want to get. Interested in counseling? The Map will help you choose what kind of counseling, what populations, and what setting you prefer. The same goes for any field you choose. 

DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR PEOPLE WHO CARE: The Flint Career Map helps you figure out the intersection between your ideals, your mission in life, your talents, and the personal requirements (like salary) that you need fulfilled. Ultimately, it will help you design your own life map. It’s not a cookie-cutter program that will tell you what job you should have simply according to your skill set. 

QUALITY: Prior to starting this business, I spent a decade delivering self-discovery and leadership workshops to dozens of staff and thousands of clients. Designing great educational programs that deliver results is one of my natural talents (you’ll uncover yours in Module 3). That’s why I guarantee this program.

What Happens After The Flint Career Map?

For some people, The Flint Career Map is all they need. These folks know what they want to do next – or know what options they have to choose from. In that case, we’ll “shake hands,” I’ll bid you good luck, and we’ll part ways for now. 

Other folks will want to be coached through Job Search 2.0, or other customized career help. This might include resume work, interview rehearsal, coaching on your networking skills, or using my "Walking Backwards" technique to more easily develop a long-term plan to reach your Big Life Goals. 

But this is entirely up to you – there is no obligation after you’re done The Flint Career Map.

Hmm…How Do I Know If This Is Really Right For Me?

I understand your concern – your time is very precious, will this be worth it?

The answer is, yes – or your money back. This course is unconditionally backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

  • If you don't get profound new insights about yourself and your career needs...
  • If you don't uncover wonderful new career options that you're wildly excited about...

...Just let me know within 60 days of receiving your first module and I’ll refund every penny.

How To Get Started Today

Let's get started on this! Your new career is waiting for you: 

(1) Go to my Consultation Page and fill out the form. 

(2) Have a 30-minute, free consultation with me about your situation, your needs and your dreams. 

(3) In that session I'll tell you how I plan to customize the Flint Career Map for your needs. 

(4) If we decide we're a fit to work together, I'll send you the first module and we'll be on our way. 

And remember - I offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Best of luck to you! 

I am looking forward to helping make your deepest, wildest dreams come true. 

With Gratitude,